Welcome! We're glad to have you joining us for worship. Livestreams of our Combined/Blended Worship Service can be viewed below. We also have some additional information at the bottom of this page about how to participate with us while you worship from your home or other location.


For an archive of all Worship Services, please go to our YouTube Channel.

  • Holy Communion


    We celebrate Holy Communion in worship each week and we invite you to join with us in receiving this gift of God’s grace.  To commune with us, you may prepare some bread, a pita, or a cracker for the body of Christ and some wine or grape juice for the blood of Christ.  At the appropriate time in worship, the pastor will invite you to commune with us. If you are worshipping with others we encourage you to serve each other the bread and wine, and as you receive these elements, know that you are also receiving God’s promise: This is the body of Christ given for you, and this is the blood of Christ shed for you.