Membership...well, that is an interesting concept for churches. Here at Hope we realize that there are no 'requirements' to be a part of God's family. Jesus asked people to, “Come and Follow” and those people learned more along the way. 

We operate in much the same way!

We don't ask you to know anything specific, to recite some creed or even pray a certain prayer. We take our lead from Jesus and say, "come and follow.” Together we will all learn along the way - about God, creation, service and the ways of Jesus.

Our New Member Tour is just that ... a tour of Hope Lutheran Church. We will discuss our history, our vision, our understanding of God's call to us, and how we work to fulfill that mission. We will also share an understanding of how we operate as a church family through a discussion of our organization. If you are interested in the New Member Tour, please email the office.

So ... interested in making Hope YOUR church? Interested in participating in God's work through Hope? We invite you to COME AND FOLLOW! It's as simple as that!

Would you like more information? Do you have any questions? Call us at 248-553-7170 or email our office.