Hope Lutheran Church is a congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and more locally, as part of the Southeast Michigan Synod (SEMI Synod).  Through these affiliations, we support and participate in a wide variety of initiatives at both the ELCA and SEMI Synod level related to service, mission, and outreach in sharing the love of God with the local and global community.  See below for more information about initiatives and activities Hope is involved in with both the ELCA and SEMI Synod.



    Long-time Hope member, Jessica Beamer, is chairing the SEMI ELCA Synod Immigration and Refugee Task Force. This group, formed by the Synod in 2010, focuses on advocacy and education in the areas of Immigration and Refugees from a lutheran perspective.

    Please email Jessica Beamer with questions and/or to be added to the email distribution list.

    For information about this task force and other SEMI Synod task forces, please click here.


    APRIL 27

    Join us for a day of learning and worship as the Justice Ministries of the SE Michigan Synod.

    Who should attend? Lay members of congregations. Pastors. Licensed Lay Ministers. Friends and Neighbors -- anyone who is interested in learning more about Immigration, Hunger, BRRICK (anti-racism) and LGBTQ+ (Diversity) and more as we share new understandings of what justice, equality and equity for all people means in today's climate.

    What is the cost to attend? This event is free! A $15 donation covers the cost of lunch. Donations by cash or check accepted at the door or by donating here. Lunch provided by FED UP MINISTRIES.

    Is there any additional information?

    • Worship music led by FERVER which includes member of Hope's own Modern Worship band!
    • CHILDCARE is available

    How do I register?  Click here


    MAY 11, 9am-5pm

    Southeast Michigan Synod Assembly

    Saturday, May 11 from 9am-5pm

    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Ida, MI

    Hope Lutheran Church, as a congregation of the Southeast Michigan (SEMI) Synod, can send two members as delegates, in addition to our pastors, to attend the annual SEMI Synod Assembly along with representatives from other congregations in our synod.  Per Hope’s constitution, SPC (Strategic Planning Council) appoints delegates to attend as representatives of our congregation.  SPC is looking for members who would be interested in attending to represent our congregation and relay synod news from the Assembly back to Hope.  If you are interested in attending as a representative of Hope or would like to make a recommendation, please contact SPC here.


    Click here for more information on the 2024 SEMI Synod Assembly.


    Dear Friends of Southeast Michigan Synod,

    Some of you are aware that the Southeast Michigan Synod recently welcomed a Spanish-speaking family of five (Dad, Mom, 3 girls ages 8 and younger) from Venezuela, by way of El Paso, TX. The family arrived in Detroit at 1:00 AM on Sunday, January 7. Click to read the entire letter.

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