The votes are in ...

The Outreach Grant Committee is pleased to announce the 2021 Outreach Grant recipients:

  1. Farmington/Livonia Days for Girls Chapter - $3,000 (click to watch update video)
  2. C.A.R.E.S in Farmington Hills - $8,000 (CLICK HERE to read a thank you letter from executive director Todd Lippa)
  3. C4 Urban Outreach - $2,000
  4. Mend on the Move - $6,000 (CLICK HERE to read a thank you letter from founder Joanne Ewald) - click to watch update video
  5. Zaman International - $6,000 (click to watch update video)

Congratulations to these recipients! Check back later for updates on their progress and use of the funds received.

UPDATE: We are well past 2021 but have updates on some of our recipients. Scroll down to watch an update video.

Congratulations to these recipients! Please enjoy a short video from the Outreach Grant Chairperson, Curt Chowanic, and a representative from each of the recipients.