Worship service begins on july 11th

The way

our South Lyon community

The WAY, our South Lyon location, meets in the chapel of Abbey Park at Mill River which is located at 28413 Abbey Lane, New Hudson, Michigan every Sunday at 10am. This service is a traditional service (Lutheran Liturgy as you've always known it) but a bit relaxed.

Here is what you can expect every Sunday at the WAY:

  • A true "come as you are" atmosphere ... wear whatever you want
  • Warm and welcoming community
  • Yep ... we meet in an Independant Senior Living Facility. Why? Because 'church' isn't about a location or a building. "Church" is about community and this is a warm, caring, friendly, open community ... give it a shot!
  • Normal people ... we are 'normal' in Abbey Park as well (and we still don't know what that means)
  • Communion every week

Need a map? CLICK HERE