HOPE @ Farmington Hills

8:00am - Traditional (Lutheran Liturgy as you've always known it!)

9:30am - Blended (Confusing word? Yeah...think of a relaxed, laid back, family friendly 'Lutheran' worship experience)

11:00am - Contemporary (Modern music with  an acoustic, organic feel ... VERY relaxed!)

the WAY @ Abbey Park (South Lyon)

10:00am - Traditional (Lutheran Liturgy as you've always known it, but a bit relaxed)

the TABLE @ Java House Cafe' (South Lyon)

6:30pm - Progressive (Discussion based...VERY relaxed!)

** Will resume in the fall **

What to expect @ Worship

First, we have three locations - one in Farmington Hills, MI and two in South Lyon, MI.

HOPE (Farmington Hills):

Here is what you can expect every Sunday @ HOPE:

  • Coffee ... need we say more? (we ARE Lutheran after all)
  • A completely laid back "come as you are" atmosphere. Feel free to wear jeans, shorts or whatever...just wear something, everyone will appreciate it!
  • Great music in either a style you grew up experiencing in church OR something you recognize from the radio or iPod
  • A relevant message that actually applies to life in this digital, electronic, over-networked world we live in
  • Fun (and safe) environment for kids and youth to learn about Jesus
  • Normal people ... yeah, we are just as normal as everyone else (whatever that means)
  • Child Care - safe, friendly, and fun for kids up to 5 yrs old
  • Communion at each service

the WAY (Abbey Park):

Here is what you can expect every Sunday at the WAY:

  • A true "come as you are" atmosphere ... wear whatever you want
  • Warm and welcoming community
  • Yep ... we meet in an Independant Senior Living Facility. Why? Because 'church' isn't about a location or a building. "Church" is about community and this is a warm, caring, friendly, open community ... give it a shot!
  • Normal people ... we are 'normal' in Abbey Park as well (and we still don't know what that means)
  • Communion every week