virtual worship

Sundays at 10am

Whether it's virtual Sunday worship at 10:00am or a special worship, Hope offers an opportunity to watch our services from the comfort of your home ... watch from our app or any one of the following:

In-person worship at our Farmington Hills campus

No registration needed

Sundays at 11am (Contemporary Worship Service)

Here is what you can expect every Sunday at our Farmington Hills Campus:

  • A completely laid back "come as you are" atmosphere. Feel free to wear jeans, shorts or whatever ... just wear something, everyone will appreciate it!
  • Great music in either a style you grew up experiencing in church OR something you recognize from the radio or iPod
  • A relevant message that actually applies to life in this digital, electronic, over-networked world we live in
  • Fun (and safe) environment for kids and youth to learn about Jesus
  • Normal people ... yeah, we are just as normal as everyone else (whatever that means)
  • Communion at each service
  • Child Care - safe, friendly, and fun for kids up to 5 yrs old - not available at this time
  • Coffee ... need we say more? (we ARE Lutheran after all) - not available at this time

in-person worship at our South Lyon campus

No registration needed

opens July 11th

Please note our South Lyon Campus is currently meeting in the Chapel of Abbey Park at Mill River located at 28413 Abbey Lane, New Hudson, MI 48165.

Sundays at 10am (Traditional Worship Service)

Here is what you can expect every Sunday at our South Lyon Campus:

  • A true "come as you are" atmosphere ... wear whatever you want
  • Warm and welcoming community
  • Yep ... we meet in an Independant Senior Living Facility. Why? Because 'church' isn't about a location or a building. "Church" is about community and this is a warm, caring, friendly, open community ... give it a shot!
  • Normal people ... we are 'normal' in Abbey Park as well (and we still don't know what that means)
  • Communion every week

A Deeper Look Inside Our Process

In-Person worship is a bit trickier these days so we've developed a 5-step plan to help you navigate our reservation system as well as explain our safety protocols:

  • reservations

    Why do we need reservations? Reservations will keep track of our capacity as well as keep a list for contact tracing. The confirmation email received when you register will also be used as your ticket for Sunday Worship. ** Click for details **

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  • arrival

    When you arrive, please park in the West or North parking lots and enter in the West door only (Portico door). Make sure to wear your mask. You will be asked to show your confirmation receipt and then an usher will seat you.

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  • worship service

    What to expect? Singing ... yep but keep your mask on. Communion ... yep but quickly from your seat (individual, pre-wrapped Communion Elements will be provided). Most importantly ... stay in the place our ushers seat you.

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  • dismissal & exit

    Dismissal will be by row, front to back, through the side door of the Worship Center and out through the North Door of the church (an exception to this will be for the handicapped).

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    Cleaning will occur after each Service and again the next day. All touch surfaces as well as bathrooms will be sanitized. In addition, during Services our HVAC fans will be on at all times and windows will be opened after Services conclude.

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