• Hope Lutheran Church

    Proposed Bylaw Amendment

    November 22, 2020

    On the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Council, a motion is made to revise the existing Bylaws of Hope Lutheran Church to include new bylaw C7.01.11 which provides as follows:

    Meetings of the Congregation (i) may, but need not, be conducted to permit Members to attend by means of remote communication or (ii) may, but need not, be conducted solely by means of remote communication, in either instance as determined by the Strategic Planning Council.  Acceptable means of remote participation include telephone, Internet, or satellite-enable audio or video conferencing, or any other technology that enables all participants to be clearly audible to one another.  Text messaging, instant messaging, email, proxy, and web chat without audio are not acceptable means of remote participation.  Members participating remotely may cast written ballots by contemporaneous electronic submission or by contemporaneous oral instruction to the Secretary of the Meeting to submit a written ballot on the member’s behalf.