Mission plan a.k.a. general fund

Ok...so this is what most churches call their Operational Budget. That is a term most of us are used to, except it isn't accurate. We are not a business or a household with a budget. We are a church. 

The financial resources aren't a budget, but a 'plan'. It is a plan from a financial perspective of how we as a church community feel called to do ministry through this place called Hope. If we feel called to offer worship opportunities, there is a 'cost' of volunteers, space, utilities, finances, etc. to make that happen. The same is true for Youth Ministry and Service Ministry as well. 

So this is the MISSION PLAN for the year!!

Of course, the rule of thumb, is that we give 10% of our income. This is a goal for each of us to work towards. However, no matter what you are able to give please see this type of giving as part of God's mission through this church. Please support our Mission Plan by giving through automated giving on a regular basis. 

CLICK HERE and look for General to set up a recurring gift. THANK YOU!