(from Peter Rollins' website)

In the contemporary world, atheism is almost invariably viewed as opposed to the work and world of theology. At best they barely tolerate each other; at worst they wage war.

As a result, we are often confronted with two impoverished positions. Atheism having been largely reduced to an adolescent cry on behalf of a crude positivism; theology languishing in the basement of academic institutions, offering as much insight into the world as astrology.

Thankfully there have always been thinkers who’ve grasped the profoundly theological dimensions of atheism and the deeply atheistic dimensions of theology. Individuals who see their artificial separation as detrimental, not only to intellectual life, but to the task of personal and political transformation. In recent years we only need think of people like Tillich, Bloch, Bonhoeffer, Weil, Heidegger, Derrida and Zizek.

Whether you identify as theist, atheist, agnostic or ignostic, Atheism for Lent is a reflective practice that delves headfirst into the true theological expanse that is atheism.

By exploring atheism as a profane practice of theological purification, we will explore its priestly power of exorcism. An exorcism powerful enough to cast out, not only religious dogmatism, but also the proliferation of all kinds of spiritualities that so often take its place.

So forget forsaking chocolate, TV or tiddlywinks and get ready to fast from the very ground of your being.

How will This work?

UPDATE;  Due to our suspension of "in person" gatherings, Atheism for Lent will now be conducted using Zoom. In addition, Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon groups will be combined and the new group time is Sunday's from 12:30-2:00pm beginning March 22nd. An email has been sent to all members of each group with information on how to join the new group using Zoom. If you are experiencing problems, please email.

Dates: Generally this will run through Lent starting with Ash Wednesday (February 26th, 2020) through Holy Week (April 9th, 2020). 

When: Atheism for Lent will have two separate but parallel groups: one on Wednesday evenings and one on Sunday afternoons.

Times: Due to the material release schedule, each group will meet as follows:

  • WEDNESDAY group will meet 7:00-8:30pm on March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, March 25th, April 1st, and April 8th. 
  • SUNDAY group will meet 12:15-1:45pm on March 1st, March 8th, March 15th, March 22nd, March 29th, and April 5th. Due to Easter we will skip April 12th and decide as a group if we would like to wrap up on April 19th.

Cost: Peter's material is not free. To cover the cost, a $10 registration fee is requested. If you cannot afford the $10, please speak privately with Pastor Rob as that should not keep you from participating. 

How: Click the link below to register for the Wednesday group or the Sunday group. When you complete the registration, an email will be sent with a link and password to access the readings.

  • Wednesday group - Registration is closed
  • Sunday group - Registration is closed

Questions: Please direct questions about registering to the office at 248-553-7170 or email.