south oakland shelter / lighthouse

What is South Oakland Shelter/Lighthouse?

Lighthouse of Oakland County and South Oakland Shelter (SOS) joined forces to provide a stronger response to poverty in our community. Their goal is to be ‘A New Beacon of Hope’ for those in need and provide a larger reach across all of southeastern Michigan. By coming together, these agencies will be able to provide more services for more people.

How has Hope helped in the past?

Every year, for over 15 years, Hope Lutheran Church has joined Antioch Lutheran Church to host South Oakland Shelter’s traveling homeless shelter for the week ending with Palm Sunday. Hope’s commitment has involved donating, serving, and cleaning up from dinners and breakfasts; entertainment and fellowship; providing toiletry kits; transporting guests to and from Antioch; and providing overnight staff. Historically, this commitment has involved over 50 Hope volunteers and leadership from Service Team to serve 30-40 guests. 

What is the current need?

Like many other commitments, the need has been changed (and increased) because of the pandemic. Rather than relying on the traveling shelter model, South Oakland Shelter/Lighthouse is currently housing 100 individuals and families in hotel rooms in the Auburn Hills area with Baldwin Center providing all the meals.

This year, in lieu of sending volunteers, SOS needs financial support to help pay for the meals Baldwin House is providing. Our goal at Hope is to raise $2,500 to sponsor 2.5 days of meals for 100 people - 50 children (at $20 each) and 50 adults (at $30 each).

How can I help? 

Your financial support is needed ... send a check with "SOS" in the memo line, place cash in an envelope labeled "SOS" and drop off at Hope or use the Christ in Action link for online giving. Hope will be focusing its collection on the two weeks between March 14th and March 28th.  Please prayerfully consider how many of these 100 individuals you can help feed.

For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.  ~ Matthew 25:35