While the global pandemic and its ramifications have severely limited our daily interactions, they do not take away our longing for community and our call, as Christians, to love our neighbors as ourselves. Please join Service Team for 7 weeks of kindness challenges as we reach out to create and celebrate our unique communities this Lent. Each new challenge is meant to create and celebrate intentional community in each of our circles. If you are willing to share your kindness with the Hope community, send an email message and we will periodically update the congregation on how the Hope community is creating a community of kindness for Lent.

  • Feb 14th-20th: Send a note to someone who you miss seeing regularly
  • Feb 21st-27th: Go to the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) website and learn what we, as Lutherans, are doing around the world.  How might you be involved in the work of larger church? Consider signing the ELCA’s anti-racism pledge or find out how you can support Unaccompanied Minor Youth through AMMPARO or even making a donation to ELCA World Hunger Relief
  • Feb 28th-Mar 6th: When grocery shopping, buy extra and donate items to Neighborhood House or Active Faith through Hope or another organization
  • Mar 7th-13th: Give flowers, a note, or perhaps a baked good to someone in your neighborhood
  • Mar 14th-20th: Reach out to your favorite charity and let them know that you appreciate what they are doing to make the world a better place as well as share their good work with others via social media or a conversation with a friend or family member
  • Mar 21st-27th: Make a phone call to someone who is older than you and will appreciate hearing your voice
  • Mar 28th-Apr 3rd: Play a board game with someone in your household/ bubble or drop off/deliver a board game to a family that would not be expecting it