Wholehearted faith

begins april 25, 2022

Book Description: At the time of her tragic death in 2019, Rachel Held Evans was working on a new book about wholeheartedness. With the help of her close friend and author Jeff Chu, that work-in-progress has been woven together with some of her other unpublished writings into a rich collection of essays that ask candid questions about the stories we’ve been told—and the stories we tell—about our faith, our selves, and our world. This book is for the doubter and the dreamer, the seeker and the sojourner, those who long for a sense of spiritual wholeness as well as those who have been hurt by the Church but can’t seem to let go of the story of Jesus. Through theological reflection and personal recollection, Rachel wrestles with God’s grace and love, looks unsparingly at what the Church is and does, and explores universal human questions about becoming and belonging.

Group Discussion: Monday evenings from 7:00pm-8:00pm. This group is hybrid and will meet in person and on Zoom. Zoom information is below:

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  • May 23rd - Chapters 3 & 4
  • May 30th - No discussion
  • June 6th - Chapters 5 & 6
  • June 13th - Chapters 7 & 8
  • June 20th - Chapters 9 & 10
  • June 27th - Chapters 11 & 12
  • July 4th - No discussion
  • July 11th - Chapters 13 & 14
  • July 18th - Epilogue and Afterword