UPDATE 1-15-18

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The Call Committee met this week and completed the Job Description for the Pastor of Congregational Life, who will be the second ordained pastor for Hope (click here to see the job description). The committee also completed the update of the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) and has forwarded it to the Southeast Michigan Synod. The MSP is a summary of who we are, our vision of our ministry, and our needs for the Pastor of Congregational Life. The document will be used as a tool to identify candidates as well as for candidates to assess their fit with Hope. With this phase completed, the Call Committee is excited to begin gathering information on potential candidates for the position. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact one of the members of the Call Committee:

Gregg Knepley, chairperson gknepley@gmail.com

Amy Wieleba kiche7@yahoo.com

Evan Finley finley.evan@gmail.com

Kelle Lee Kelle_lee@live.com

Kevin Huffman kevinrhuffman@yahoo.com

Michele Barker michey_2001@yahoo.com

Sarah Tucker sarah.herrle12@gmail.com

Pastor Rob pastorrob@hope-lutheran-church.com

UPDATE 12-11-18

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Last Sunday the congregation approved changes to the Hope by-laws that modified the structure of a call committee.  The new structure includes 4 members appointed from the congregation at-large by the Strategic Planning Council (SPC), and 4 members from Hope leadership.

The four at-large members that the SPC appointed are Rachel Allvin, Michele Barker, Kelle Lee and Amy Wieleba.  The four ex-officio members are Kevin Huffman, President; Sarah Tucker, Director of Leadership; Gregg Knepley, Chair of Personnel Committee; and Pastor Rob.  The SPC would like to thank all the Hope members that expressed interest in serving on the Call Committee.

The Call Committee met for the first time last week. The committee reviewed its role in the call process and examined some of the key documents that will be required during the execution of the call process.  These include the job description for the second called pastor as well as the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) for Hope, which was last revised in 2013.  The MSP is used to describe Hope during the recruiting efforts.

The Committee will meet again in January to begin updating and revising the required documents.  Any member of Hope that has questions or concerns regarding the process is encouraged to contact any member of the Call Committee.