Hope's Small Group Ministry provides ways to meet new friends,  

Curious about what other religions teach?

We have a group for that!

Passionate about welcoming the LGBT community?

We have a group for that!

Looking for a way to learn more about Lutheranism or new way to be the church?

We have groups for that!

Interested in meeting more people at church?

We have groups for that!

Questions or ideas?

Contact Susanna Muzzin, Small Group Minister



Ask questions. Challenge assumptions.  

Change someone's mind. Change your own.

The Great Spiritual Migration

Is there a better way to be Christian? Has the world changed how we relate to God and live a life of faith? Has the earth moved beneath our spiritual feet?   This is a small group style conversation based around the book "The Great Spiritual Migration" by Brian McLaren and led by Pastor Rob Zahn. JOIN US!!

Cost: Just buy the book (Amazon Link CLICK HERE)

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the 95

What in the world is 'the 95'? (it doesn't mean that 95 people will be at the study...but that would certainly be nice) Think of it as an intro to what "Lutheran" means, and if you don't know what the significance of the number '95' happens to be, then this class is DEFINITELY for you)  This class will be a bit fluid as it will be based on YOUR questions surrounding being LUTHERAN. We will try to both get a general overview of Reformation History, Martin Luther, issues of the church of the day, and what Martin Luther believed as well as what the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) might say today.

Join Pastor Rob and learn a bit about that title "LUTHERAN".

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Wednesday Morning Bible Study

This group meets each Wednesday morning from 10:00-11:30 a.m. to discuss

a book of the Bible or another book we’ve chosen.

We are currently reading the Minor Epistles, but our conversations range widely! 

Please join us!

Reconciling in Christ

We believe that the church should be open to everyone. 

We affirm the love of God for everyone in the LGBT community. 

Join us as we plan ways to make our presence visible in the community. 

Email Susanna if you are interested in joining us!


Gathering. Sharing. Listening. Loving. Being.

Dinners for Eight

Dinners for Eight are a way to develop new friendships and strengthen our life together in Christ. All adults are invited! Groups are mixed intentionally so new relationships can begin to grow. Groups decide together whether to meet at homes or restaurants.

We will begin a new round of groups after Easter--watch for sign-ups!

Fantasy Football

Each fall, Hope’s Fantasy Football League meets to draft players, set up teams, enjoy competition and camaraderie, and yes, enjoy a beer or two, if that’s your thing! 

Men's Basketball

This group gets together weekly for basketball games in Hope’s Family Center.

“Life in Progress” 

Early Morning Men’s Group —This is a group for men of all ages that meets at Hope for coffee and informal conversation twice a month in the morning.