hopeKIDZ is Hope's Sunday School which meets every Sunday at 10am!

During hopeKIDZ, we learn actively about God's love for us ... through play, story and hands-on experiences.

EVERY KID is welcome at hopeKIDZ!  It doesn't matter what you wear 

(in fact, we hope you dress for FUN!) and it doesn't matter what your family looks like!  

It doesn't matter if you can make it every Sunday or only one Sunday a month:  

we love having you with us and you are always welcome! 

One thing that's great about our Sunday School format is that parents do not

need to volunteer for an entire year in order to help.  We encourage all parents to 

volunteer to teach or serve as a teaching assistant on a rotation. 

We hope this will fit in your busy, modern lives!

Questions? Contact Donnie@hope-lutheran-church.com

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Hang tight while we prepare your form...

Do your kids like to sing and dance to praise the Lord?  

We have a few different groups that your children can be apart of.  Click here to get more information about the Kids Performing Arts Groups.


First communion

All children are welcome to the table at Hope; parents decide when they would like their children to take First Communion. 

We offer the class (there are three sessions) once a year durning Lent: the class is hands-on and allows children to explore the meaning of the sacraments (baptism and communion), taste bread and wine, make bread, and make their own communion chalices and patens. 

The class is open to any age, and parents are encouraged to stay with their children.

If you have questions about First Communion, Please contact Donnie