grant guidelines


This section is for the person or organization who is nominating the person or organization for a grant. The sponsor can be an individual member or non-member of Hope Lutheran Church, or an organization sponsoring another organization or community group. Please be sure to fill in the contact information, especially the e-mail address, as the sponsor will be kept informed of application and voting processes via email. The “relationship to recipient” could be friend, family member, benefactor, patron, etc. Once this section is completed, the application should be taken to the intended recipient to complete the balance of the application. It is important that the recipient have knowledge of this grant application and participate in the process from the very beginning.

SECTION 2- RECIPIENT CONTACT INFORMATION This section is for the person or organization who would be receiving the grant to fill out. The contact person needs to be the individual with whom the committee can be in communication. If there is a direct phone number or email address for that person, it should be completed in this section. Please include the website and mission statement, if available.

SECTION 3 – RECIPIENT INFORMATION This section provides additional information about the recipient. Please check all that apply.

SECTION 4 – REASON FOR REQUEST In this section indicate the amount that the recipient is requesting, and provide a brief grant request, covering the listed bullet points. Additional supporting documentation, such as financial information, is welcome.

THE SMALL PRINT Grant awards are for one year only and must be used within one year from the date of receipt. A grant may only be used for the purpose stated in the grant application. If the funded program is not implemented, the grant funds must be returned to Hope Lutheran Church. Recipients will not automatically be eligible for funds in the next grant cycle, yet may reapply when the following conditions have been met: 1) The funded program has been completed and all funds are expended. 2) The recipient has complied with all other grant conditions including submission of a final report. Hope Lutheran Church Outreach Gift Distribution Committee performs due diligence on all grant applications. The committee considers the written application, telephone interviews, and further research. After a grant is awarded, recipients are asked to provide documentation about the project’s outcome. Hope Lutheran Church Outreach Gift Distribution Committee has the sole responsibility for the final approval of each grant. Since the committee receives funding requests that far exceed the available grant budget, not every worthy project can be funded. In addition to applying for the grant, also consider the many ways that the Hope community may be able to help your organization fulfill its mission. Members do volunteer work and may be able to assist you with needed manpower. Hope Lutheran Church also has an annual Alternative Christmas Fair each November, which is an opportunity for charitable organizations to raise funds and awareness. If your organization would like to participate in the Alternative Christmas Fair, contact the church office. And, as always, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, Hope Lutheran Church welcomes you to worship and participate in the broad range of programs and activities here.

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHO CAN SUBMIT AN APPLICATION? Anyone. The Hope Lutheran Church Gift Distribution Committee (HLCGDC) encourages church members to let potential applicants know about the grant application process. Online application available and paper applications to print are available.

WHEN ARE APPLICATIONS DUE? Completed application forms should be turned in to Hope Lutheran Church by November 20, 2016.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE A GRANT? An individual or organization, non-profit or for profit, is eligible to receive a grant as long as the stated need aligns with the “spirit of the gift” of the HLC Gift Distribution Committee.

AFTER COMPLETING AND RETURNING THE APPLICATION, ARE POTENTIAL RECIPIENTS CONTACTED? Yes. Committee members will research the individual or organization seeking the grant. This may include background information on the organization, financial information, whether the grant will benefit capital, programmatic or human resources, the audience directly impacted from the grant, etc. This information is then shared with the entire committee.

HOW MUCH CAN BE REQUESTED? Each year, the HLCGDC has $25,000 to disburse. An individual or organization can request up to this amount. A request does not guarantee that any or all of these funds will be distributed to any recipient.

HOW IS A DECISION REACHED? The committee votes on which recipients are selected for congregational vote. Each individual or organization which makes it to this phase will be given the choice as to whether they would like to make a brief presentation to the congregation. Once presentations have been completed, members of the congregation vote as to which individual/organization should receive a grant. This information is used by the committee to make final recipient selections and determine the amount awarded.


WHEN DOES THE CONGREGATION VOTE? January 22 and 29, 2017

WHEN WILL THOSE WHO RECEIVE GRANTS BE NOTIFIED? After February 3, 2017. A committee member will contact the recipient(s) to confirm the grant and its amount.


HOW DO I SUBMIT THE COMPLETED APPLICATION? Applications can be mailed to the church office –

Hope Lutheran Church,

ATTN: Outreach Gift Distribution Committee,

39200 W. Twelve Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48331, or if you are at the church, you may place it in the red drop box by the Outreach Ministry bulletin board in the middle hallway.