What Ministry Your Gifts Support

Your financial gifts support ministry far beyond what a single family in a congregation can witness. So we will be posting some videos highlighting the ministries that your financial gifts support. 

If you are part of the Hope family, please keep all of these ministries in mind as you prayerfully make your contribution.

If you are visiting Hope or just visiting our website, then please feel free to browse, and yes, if you feel called to make a gift to support God's work through this community, then let us say right now THANK YOU!


Opportunities to Give

At Hope we believe God is calling us to use our time, talents and resources to do God’s work in our church, community and world.  

Throughout this website there are many opportunities to give using your time and talents through ministries and service both here at Hope as well as outside of the walls of this church. However, on this page, you will find opportunities to share your financial resources to do God's work in this world.

Below are a few of the opportunities to give at and through Hope -- some with a link to view more details. When you click on the "ONLINE GIVING" button, simply look for the line item that matches the ministry you would like to give to. If an opportunity is not listed, click "Other".

Your contributions can support: