Opportunities to Give

At Hope we believe God is calling us to use our time, talents and resources to do God’s work in our church, community and world.  

Throughout this website there are many opportunities to give using your time and talents through ministries and service both here at Hope as well as outside of the walls of this church. However, on this page, you will find opportunities to share your financial resources to do God's work in this world.

Below are a few of the opportunities to give at and through Hope. For your convenience, each section has a 'DONATION' button leading the same page where you can give. When you click on the button, simply look for the line item that matches the ministry you would like to give to.


C.I.A. (Christ In Action)

This is a special fund to which you can give. 

People always contact our church looking for some sort of assistance. They may need food for a few days. They may need gas to get home. They may need a month of utilities paid in order to have heat in the winter...and so on...

100% of the gifts you give to this fund go directly to purchasing food cards at a local grocery story, gas cards, directly to utility companies or whatever the case may be...for the families in need.

This fund is not included in our overall Mission Plan (General Budget) and is supported completely by fundraising and giving that is above and beyond. 

To give to this fund CLICK HERE and look for "C.I.A.". THANK YOU!!!

Parking Lot (it needed to be done)

It certainly doesn't seem like a vital ministry doing God's work in our world...we admit that. However, when faith organizations decide to have a place to gather, there are real costs of maintenance and repair. For safety reasons, it was time to 'redo' the parking lot. 

The total cost (catch basins, curbs, re-grading, removal of old asphalt, repaving, striping, etc) was just short of $200k. We have already raised roughly $130k. The rest has been borrowed from our own reserves and we still need to make up the difference. 

To contribute to the remaining $70k cost of the Parking Lot simply CLICK HERE and scroll down and look for "Parking Lot Fund".


Mission Plan (General Budget)

Ok...so this is what most churches call their Operational Budget. That is a term most of us are used to, except it isn't accurate. We are not a business or a household with a budget. We are a church. 

The financial resources aren't a budget, but a 'plan'. It is a plan from a financial perspective of how we as a church community feel called to do ministry through this place called Hope. If we feel called to offer worship opportunities, there is a 'cost' of volunteers, space, utilities, finances, etc. to make that happen. The same is true for Youth Ministry and Service Ministry as well. 

So this is the MISSION PLAN for the year!!

Of course, the rule of thumb, is that we give 10% of our income. This is a goal for each of us to work towards. However, no matter what you are able to give please see this type of giving as part of God's mission through this church. Please support our Mission Plan by giving through automated giving on a regular basis. 

CLICK HERE and look for MISSION PLAN (General Bugd) to set up a recurring gift. THANK YOU!!!

Wish List (well...'need' list really)

So not everything makes it in to the Mission Plan (Operating Budget) every year. However, that doesn't mean there are not things that are needed. So our wish list really isn't a frivolous wish list, but rather a NEED list that we wish we had resources for right now.

In order to support any of the opportunities below, simply CLICK HERE and scroll to the line "OTHER" and write in the item you are supporting. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is a list of items and estimated cost of tools for ministry both volunteers and staff could put to good use right now:

  • STAFF CONFERENCE ($4,500): In order to cultivate creativity and new ideas, it is important for the ministry staff to look and experience ministry beyond ourselves. The best way to do that is through conferences. It would be inspiring for the staff to go on one retreat every year in order to stay fresh and creative for the ministry at Hope. This estimate includes average registration cost, transportation, hotel and food.
  • HD Cameras for Sanctuary ($1,500 x 3): More and more people are attempting to access our worship experience online through either a recorded sermon or online streaming. We simply need better tools to make this a good experience for those on the other side of the computer. This gift allows us to offer a great online experience of worship as well as explore opportunities to record other events such as Music Appreciation Sunday, Weddings, etc.
  • Wireless Headset Microphone ($450): The person preaching on Sunday needs a better wireless microphone in order for the congregation to hear them better.
  • Commercial Dish Washer ($6,000): This is an approximate cost. We have enough events both for our own community as well as outside groups where this tool is beginning to make a LOT of sense. Just ask anyone who volunteers in the kitchen for big events.
  • Signage-Inside ($3,000): If you are a visitor, you don't know where the bathroom is until you explore or are brave enough to ask. We can make it much easier for our guests if we invest in professional indoor signage.
  • Signage-Outdoor LED ($20,000): Look around our area and pay attention to how many signs are LED for churches now. It isn't about "keeping up with the Joneses". But it IS about effective communication to the community and we have LOTS of ministry we'd like to communicate. This is expensive but quickly becoming more and more a tool we need.
  • Computers for Staff ($8,500): Our technology is becoming dated. It is easy to get behind on this in today's world, but even as a church we need to find ways to keep up. Our team needs up-to-date equipment to be effective.
  • HD Production Camera ($2,000): People get information more though video than through text. We could use better video recording equipment to make more video messages for our community and beyond.
  • Coffee Bar-Narthex Refresh ($50,000): Yep...some think this is frivolous. Aside from the carpet coming up and the ceiling peeling, and we use a 6-foot plastic table for coffee every Sunday, think about this, what is 'church'? Church is a community of people. There are many things we as a church 'do', everything from Education to Service to Worship and on...but by definition we are God's People who gather together. Where do people 'gather' today? Around coffee...lets put a decent coffee shop in and invite everyone to sit, have a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever) together...maybe call i HOLY GROUNDS, or SACRED GROUNDS, or HE-BREWS, or JEHOVA JAVA, or HIGHER GROUNDS, or RE-JAVA-NATE or...yeah, you get the idea...