TRUSTEES Trustees come early on Sunday morning to open the church, make sure that all is in place for the arrival of the congregation, and shovel the sidewalk if necessary.

GREETERS If you are a welcoming, friendly and helpful person, than you might be interested in being a greeter. Greeters stand in the entryways of the church. They welcome people, help with directions and answer questions. When you are in this position you are the first impression of our church. So although it may seem easy, it is a very important job.

WELCOME DESK The welcome desk attendants are there before and after the service to answer questions, especially for visitors. They will also be handing out gifts to first time visitors. This group is equally as important as the greeters for creating a great first impression and helping visitors feel welcome.

USHERS These people help make the worship service run smoothly. They hand out bulletins, light the candles, collect the offering, invite people forward for communion, move chairs, etc. Ushers at the last service also close all windows and lock up the building.

ASSISTING MINISTERS These people assist with the leading of the worship from the front with the pastor. Assisting ministers lead the call to worship, prayers, and responses. They also assist with the offering and communion.

READERS Volunteers read the Bible reading for the day at one service. The readings are emailed to readers the week prior in order to come prepared on Sunday morning. Readers are scheduled approximately every 4-6 weeks.

COMMUNION TEAM The Communion Team prepares all things necessary for communion and baptisms. The volunteers fill the wine cups, set up the altar before worship and between services. They also clean the dishes and clear the altar area at the end of the morning Each volunteer helps before and after one service approximately once a month.

MEDIA PROJECTION TEAM This team is in charge of all of the media during a service including the song slides, videos and images. Training is provided so that you can have knowledge of Media Shout which is the program that we currently using. If you are interested in helping the service run smoothly and you like technology, than this would be the team for you.

VIDEOGRAPHERS Every worship service is recorded. This person would be in charge of making sure the camera is on the correct person or group during the service. Pastor Rob is a little challenging because he moves around so much, but that is as hard as it gets. Youth to adult are welcome to do this ministry.

SOUND ENGINEERING TEAM This team is in charge of setting up the microphones for each service, making sure there are fresh batteries, checking sound levels and then controlling the sound during the service. There is a part-time paid employee, however we are in need of people to assist and be able to substitute when needed. Previous sound knowledge is a plus, however, we are willing to do training if people are interested.