welcome to mothers of hope

for MOMs and moms-to-be

Welcome to Mothers of Hope (MOH) -- a group meant to be a space where moms can share not only their mom struggle but wins and loses as well as personal wins and loses. We see this group as a way for everyone to learn from one another, to learn from others who have gone through tough times and to learn from professionals who have experience in a variety of topics. We will be talking about and giving our personal thoughts and opinions on hot button topics as well as the daily grind of our hectic lives.

Mom Time” is meant to be an enthusiastic, happy, non-judgmental safe space created for and by moms who just need that time to talk, express themselves, learn, and educate -- even reflect on the past and be able to work towards a world of no one shaming another mom for any reason.

Group Values

Parents are faced with everyday challenges. Not just the daily challenges that we face as adults but the ones that come with being a parent. Mothers of Hope or MOH is designed to be a group for moms and moms-to-be to talk, vent, learn and even educate all while creating a supporting, safe and non-judgmental space for all.

Rules for a Safe Environment

  • Leave all hate and judgement at the door
  • No yelling
  • No negative language
  • Everyone has their own opinion and THAT’S OKAY!
  • Every mom has a different parenting style and THAT'S OKAY!
  • No mom shaming
  • ALWAYS be supportive

Upcoming Events & Meetings

  • TBD


Contact Brittany Caron by email or call 248-896-4507