Lenten Ladle Throwdown!

Wednesdays of Lent: February 21st-March 28th

TIME: 6:00pm to 7;30pm

Ok…so what is this?

Well…it is a fun way to have soup suppers during lent! The idea is that we get two different soups made by two different groups, each Wednesday for Lent. We as a church community come to enjoy a ‘soup supper’ over Lent and, in a fun way, vote to see which soup wins (that is the ‘throw down’ part).

Hope will provide bread, fruit, and basic beverage.

Let me know if you can participate to make this happen!


 - 6-12 families or ministries to make some soup on a Wednesday night (2 soups per Wednesday for six weeks)

 - 6 families or ministries to help serve and clean up on Wednesday nights (1 family/ministry per night…you only have to do it once!)

 - wanna help us get fresh bread and fruit on Wednesday morning? Let us know that too!

Contact Pastor Rob or Donnie if you are interested in helping make this happen!