All children are welcome to the table; parents decide when their children are ready to receive First Communion and to take part in instruction. 

Classes for those receiving first communion are scheduled for:
Wednesday, March 8, 207, 6-7 pm

Wednesday, March 15, 207, 6-7 pm

Wednesday, March 22, 207, 6-7 pm

The celebration of First Communion will take place at the 7 pm Maundy Thursday Service on Thursday, April 13 at 7 pm.

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All children are welcome to the table at Hope; parents decide when they would like their children to take First Communion. 

We offer the class (there are three sessions) once a year durning Lent: the class is hands-on and allows children to explore the meaning of the sacraments (baptism and communion), taste bread and wine, make bread, and make their own communion chalices and patens. 

The class is open to any age, and parents are encouraged to stay with their children.

If you have questions about First Communion, Please contact Donnie