Meets:  Wednesdays at 6:30pm in our Family Center

Wednesday evenings at Hope are busy! So busy, that there is a meal offered to make our already busy lives a bit more bearable for at least that one evening. 

During that meal we will have an opportunity to be in conversation with each other about the basics of our faith. From 6:30-7:30pm you are invited to join Pastor Rob and Pastor Greer to talk and learn about various topics such as the Bible, Christianity, and Lutheranism. We will even have opportunity to dive into topics such as Israeli/Palestinian relations, LGTBQIA issues and more!

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September 18: PILGRIMAGE TO PEACE (starting at 7pm this night ONLY)

September 25: Pilgrimage to Peace Follow Up Conversation - Q & O (questions and opinions w/P. Rob)

October 2: LGTBQIA+: Biblical Perspective: What does the Bible and our tradition actually say about this topic? (w/P. Rob)

October 9: LGTBQIA+: Panel Discussion with experts, people who have lived LGTBQIA+ and faith in their lives

October 16: LGTBQIA+: Expert Day

October 23: LGTBQIA+: Debrief (w/Pastor Rob)

October 30: OFF

November 6: LWM - Reconciliation: A hard conversation about race (w/Living Waters Ministries)

November 13: YAGM: What it is and how it pertains to Jerusalem and the West Bank (speaker Calla Gilson)

November 20: EVOL: What Happens When We Get The Love Of God Backwards (Sermon Series Debrief w/P. Rob)

November 27: OFF

December 4: EVOL: What Happens When We Get The Love Of God Backwards (Sermon Series Debrief w/P. Rob)

December 11: TBD

December 18: TBD