Detroit 3DAy

A Mission Experience for the Whole Family!
June 28th, 29th, & 30th

The Detroit 3Day is an opportunity to join a mission trip, without a major time commitment. The idea came out of last years youth mission trip to Detroit as a way to continue serving the great city of Detroit. This hands-on experience is meant to connect the city with the suburbs, as well as connect all of the generations of Hope.

So why 3Days?
Technically it is not 3Days… Yes, it takes place over 3Days, but you can join for one day, or two days, or for all 3Days. In fact, many of you have been involved already through donations that have been collected so far for the Detroit 3Day. SO really, the Detroit 3Day is more like Detroit InfinityDay as we follow God’s call to serve others every day.

Do I have to be at all 3Days?
Absolutely… not. You can join in as your schedule allows. Yes, we would love to have everyone all 3Days, but any of the days would be amazingly awesome.

What will we be doing for the 3Days?
On the 28th and 29th, we will be heading into Detroit to work with a ministry partner. This will be hands-on work ranging from conversational ministry to grounds cleanup. The work will be dependent on the weather, as well as the skill/physical ability of our team.  Skill sets and physical ability should not hinder anyone from joining the team.

On the 30th, we will be packing "Bags of Hope" to be passed out throughout the year. Many of us from Hope pass by someone almost daily that could use a little hope. The "Bags of Hope" will contain items such as socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, water, etc. We did something similar this past summer during the youth mission trip and it was a huge success.  

What are the age ranges?
While there is no true age range for the 3Day, we do ask that parents be mindful of the work being done. The work being done on the 28th and 29th will most likely include being outside; in alley ways, along roadsides, doing yard work, etc. While we do welcome families with younger children to attend and serve, we just want to be upfront that this is not a VBS experience. The 30th will be a true all ages event taking place between services.

What time will the 3Day take place?
We will meet at 9am on the 28th and 29th at Hope. We will carpool to the site and plan to return to Hope @ 3:30pm both days. On the 30th, we will pack care bags between 10:30-11:00am and will encourage Hope members and friends to take a bag with them to give to someone in need. 

What is the cost?
$0.00!!!! Other than your time. We know that time is the most valuable commodity known to mankind, so thank you in advance for your time and interest in this amazing mission experience!


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