What is Days for Girls?

Click to read (daysforgirls.org)

Days for Girls recognizes that menstruation is a roadblock for young women to attend school in much of the world. Days for Girls combats this by supplying reusable menstrual pads to girls around the world and teaching them how to use these supplies.  This is a charity centered right here in Farmington Hills that is making a difference in the world.

How can I help?

Hope members, families, and friends can donate ... underwear! Not just any underwear will do, however, so here are the specifics:

  • 100% cotton
  • brief or hipster style only
  • no animal prints (butterflies and birds are okay)
  • no face prints
  • girls' sizes 8, 10, 12, or 14
  • women's sizes 5, 6, 7, or 8

How long does the collection run?

This collection will run through the month of February.

Where should I put my donation?

A bin is located in Hope's Welcome Center. Donations can be brought and placed in the bin.

What if I have questions?

Questions can be emailed to the lead, Brittany Caron.