(All Ages)

Faith & Family come first! At HOPE there are no parameters to family ...

HOPE believes family is the people you love and find connection with, whatever that looks like for you! Some are hungry to find family, some live far from family, some are close with family, so HOPE cultivates a space for all families to thrive. 

Forming faith is for people of ALL AGES and the modern, 21st Century family takes many forms and HOPE embraces, encourages and loves it all! With faith opportunities for families to connect and experience faith together HOPE Family Ministry is excited to welcome you into the family!

Bring your parents, grandparents, kids, cousins, neighbors, friends, ALL are family here! 

Upcoming Family Events


(Birth-5th Grade)

Children’s Ministry is for all children to grow, discover, explore and wonder in faith. 

Children ask the questions adults might be thinking and at HOPE we invite them into a safe space to be free to be curious in faith. Kids are welcomed to have fun in their faith in creative ways.

Children have multiple opportunities to participate, feel cared for and welcomed.

Upcoming Children's Meetings & Events

Performing Arts

  • SONShine Performers (K through 6th grade) - September through May - Details - REGISTER

Middle school


Middle School is a wild time full of discovery and formation. 

HOPE creates opportunities for Middle School Youth to express themselves through fun activities and learning that encourage them on their journey of faith. A combination of learning and fun gives permission to be weird and wonderful while traveling the road of a life-long faith adventure! 

Upcoming Middle School Events

Performing Arts

  • SONShine Performers (K through 6th grade) - September through May - Details - REGISTER
  • EDGE (7th through 12th grade) - LEARN MORE

High school

(9th-12th Grade)

High School Ministry (a.k.a. WhatsUP) is a fantastic time to deepen faith, experience life-changing conversations, and engage in mission trips as you continue to grow, learn, and explore this crazy life. Find a fun place at HOPE for your teenage years where you will form friendships and have awesome adventures as you serve others, have fun, and explore faith with cool people in a casual and chill environment. 

Upcoming High School Events

Full schedule - click here

  • High School Ministry/Whats UP (youth 9th through 12th grade) - September through May - REGISTER
  • October 30th, 6:00-7:30pm - Trunk or Treat - LEARN MORE | SIGN UP TO DECORATE YOUR TRUNK
  • February 7th-9th, 2020 - Great Lakes Gathering - Details coming soon!
  • July 6th-11th, 2020 - Mission Trip - Details and registration coming soon!
  • July 27th-August 1st, 2020 - Leadership Lab - Registration coming soon!

Performing Arts

young Adult

(18-40+ years old ... or whatever!)

What is a young adult anyway? That’s open for interpretation, really. 

In our busy lives sometimes we forget or struggle to find faith connections in a 3rd place. We work, have a home base and often need a 3rd space to find safe, supportive, encouraging connections. HOPE wants to offer that 3rd space for young adults in transitional times in life, relationships, jobs or whatever you might be facing. Enjoy a time of connection, fun, service, activities and building a 3rd space for your busy life. 


Young Adult Groups: